NOVATOP STATIC: five-layer panels (SWP) are made of coniferous sawnwood dried to 8%. Each layer of the panel consists of lamellas of massive solid wood. The five-layer panel has one middle layer rotated by 90° relative to the two parallel surface layers on each side. The thickness of the central layer can differ and determines the final thickness of the panel. The lamellas of the middle layer are glued longitudinally, and lengthwise they are connected with the butted joint or they can be continuous. Their thickness is a maximum of 42 mm. The outer layers are made of continuous lamellas with a thickness of 6 or 9 mm and a width of 93–143 mm. On every panel, there is always the same width of the surface lamellas whose right side faces the surface. The longitudinal joints of the lamellas are glued together. The adhesive used is waterproof and the gluing of the surface lamellas corresponds with AW 100 or D4 according to EN 204. The quality of sanding corresponds to the grain size of 100 (coarser sanding is made to order).


Wood: Central European spruce
Standard thicknesses (mm): 45 (9-9-9-9-9), 60 (9-9-24-9-9)

NOVATOP STATIC L (Bending strength parallel)
Widths (mm): 1,040, 1,250, 2,100, 2,500
Lengths (mm): 2,500, 5,000, 6,000, maximum 12,000 (with an inlay finger joint)

NOVATOP STATIC Q (Bending strength perpendicular)
Widths (mm): 2,500
Lengths (mm): 4,950

Quality: A, B, C, D and their combination (Quality sample book in pdf). Classification of quality of surface lamellas is conducted according to EN 13017-1 and the internal regulations of AGROP NOVA a.s.

Examples of application

Structures with overhanging roofs, cladding with increased static demands, load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls and partitions, doors, gates, shelves, containers, etc.

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