Spring & groove + chamfered edge

Range of products: 3-layer panel
Machining:  4 sides
Wood: spruce
Standard thickness (mm): 19 (6-7-6), 27 (6-15-6), 27 (9-9-9),
Standardní format (mm):
Gross: 690 x 2500, 625 x 2500,
Net: 680 x 2490, 615 x 2490
Packaging: 48 or 32 pcs
Quality: B/C, C/C, C/D

Advantages: Dimensional stability even during the changes in temperature and humidity, the character of natural solid wood, easy handling and installation, wide range of applications and surface finishes, easy renovation.

Application: Interior, exterior – cladding of walls, ceilings, floors, soffits of roof overhangs, etc.

Machining accuracy:
Machining tolerance in the thickness of ± 0.4 mm
Width and length tolerance of ± 0.5 mm
Tolerance of sanding thickness of ± 0.2 mm

Warning: The recommended relative humidity of the environment in which the NOVATOP panels are installed is 55 % at 20 °C. As a result of low air humidity, cracks may appear in the wood. Wood properties of this product are maintained, so they respond to changes in temperature and humidity by shrinking or, possibly, by swelling. Improper storage and use in extreme conditions (extreme temperatures and humidity) can cause cracking and deformations.

On request:

Other machining possibilities: (grooves from the side, finger joint, milling, cutting)
Surface finishes: Interior, exterior