Le Grand Marché Market in Quebec, Canada - Novatop

Le Grand Marché Market in Quebec, Canada

A new market, conceived as a village with a public square and streets set in a large hall, was created in Quebec, Canada, by transforming a former shopping centre. The heart and soul of Quebec (its people, food, culture and tradition) dwell within the walls of Le Grand Marché. The market offers foodstuffs and mainly local produce, everything from farmers, butchers and bakers as well as home-made beer, fresh pasta and warm doughnuts.

NOVATOP makes the space of an industrial market hall comfortable.


High ceilings, wood, living trees and large windows together create a very harmonious environment. In addition to small shops, a square with trees and corners for relaxation has been created here, all in the close embrace of spruce wood imported from Europe. The dominant feature of the interior is the NOVATOP multilayer board. It is a beautiful and inspiring example of using wood in reconstruction within existing buildings.

Implementation: Le Grand Marché