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New items in NOVATOP production

Production modernisation is necessary for maintaining the top quality of our products.


Maintaining top quality, as well as productivity connected with the growing demand for our products on the European market, is associated with production modernization. Investments in new technologies have now been directed to one of the key parts of our production, namely the break-down of the centre lamellas which form the basis of all NOVATOP products. In the autumn of this year, our machinery fleet will be expanded by the fourth CNC machining centre and, next year, by an automatic line for the final surface treatment of all products that are in high demand. Investment in production will reach 50 million Czech crowns.

In August, we installed a new machine, POWERMAT 2500, which is a four-sided moulder with flat cutting made by the renowned manufacturer WEINIG. It is one of the most modern machines for the production of centre lamellas in Europe, not only because of the above-standard user comfort and flexibility, but, above all, because of the innovative technology, high-speed planing and profiling. The new technology will improve the accuracy of the lamellas to ± 0.1 mm, will significantly increase material savings due to narrower circular-saw blades and more accurate planing and will speed up the entire process. Savings are expected in the range of 5-6%.

The machine is fully electronically controlled and easy to operate via a large touch screen. Powermat 2500 is completely enclosed by a modern safety soundproofing cover with interior monitoring that protects the operator from mechanical hazards.

We set a high quality standard to all our products, which we have maintained for over 26 years and which has brought us up to the level of one of the most developed companies in the area of custom manufacturing. Thanks to our team of more than 220 people we create the best that is possible in our industry today. We are very proud to be working with the greatest professionals in the industry at home and abroad; each project is a challenge for us and a very rewarding experience.